Life-form Type: humanoid
Homeworld: Balos

The Balosians are a humanoid species native to the planet Balos.

Their government is headed by a Prime Minister who elected by the people of Balos every three years. There are twenty-six states on the planet, all of which are represented in a High Congress.

Their religion is known to have been founded with the sacred words of the prophet Morell, who stated their god Tucsan was ever forgiving and existed only as one who offers wisdom and advice .

The society of the Balosians is known to be a rigid patriarchy, with women mostly being used for mating and work. Following contact with the Terran Federation, several who opposed the patriarchy left their homeworld for Terran Federation space. Recently, a civil war broke out on the planet to overthrow the Patriarchy in favor of a more equal government.

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