Battle of Sarrish
Conflict: Draconian War
Place: Sarrish
Result: Pyrrhic Terran Federation victory

Terran Federation

Draconian Empire


Agen Kolar (KIA)
James Brock

Jarith Kothar


5,000 soldiers
7 tanks
10 bombers

10,000 soldiers


3,000 soldiers

7,000 soldiers

The Battle of Sarrish was a major battle during the Draconian War.


In the third year of the Draconian War, the Terran Federation, Nihydron Star Republic and Mawasi Empire had made great strives against the Draconian Empire in assaults on their outer colonies in what became the Outer Sieges, in which at least five colonies have fallen to the Alliance.

To further strike fear, a battalion led by Terran Federation general Agen Kolar proposed an attack on the Draconian fortress world of Sarrish.

The BattleEdit

In the initial assault three hundred soldiers were killed in an air strike, including General Agen Kolar. Initially demoralized, the Terran Federation soldiers suffered more casualties before being routed by a soldier named James Brock. To assist in the battle, a soldier named Henry James introduced a toxin into the water supply of the enemy soldiers camp to decrease the number of soldiers. Though this helped in the Terran Federations taking of Sarrish, Henry James was tried for murder and executed.


Following the battle of Sarrish, the Draconian Imperial Navy ordered an increase of Husnock clone soldiers and production of ships in order to combat the encroaching alliance.

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