The Destruction of Nihydro II was a catastrophe during the 27th century.

Destruction of Nihydro IIEdit

In 2603, the star in the Nihydro system went supernova. The resulting shockwave destroyed Nihydro II, killing billions of people. Governors on the Nihydron colonies declared a day of mourning on their respected colonies. Soon, the President of the Terran Federation declared a day of mourning in honor of their allies.


Six months later, a group of major colonies met on the Terran Federation colony of Ezekiel to discuss whether New Nihydro or Veltu will become the new capital. As the discussions heated up, several smaller colonies feared civil war and escaped to either the Mawasi Empire or the Terran Federation. After a vote from the remaining colonies in 2611, New Nihydro was named the new capital of the Nihydron Star Republic.

Secession of VeltuEdit

Soon, the colony of Veltu began accusing the representatives of New Nihydro of bribing the colonial officials so that they would become the new capital. As a result, the representatives walked out of the negotiations and seceded from the Nihydron Star Republic. They soon successfully established a democratic government headed by a President and represented through a Conclave.

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