Life-form Type: humanoid
Homeworld: Eloh

The Elohsians are a humanoid species native to the planet Eloh.

The Elohsians follow polygamy, with husbands taking at least one bond-wife and four to seven honor-wives. This is because of the fact the Elohsian women live longer than males, whose age expectancy is similar to that of humans. As a result, few males exist on Eloh.

They prefer to live in a state of low technology, as it said in the Scroll of Maj that their world would be destroyed if they progressed. However, after contact with the Terran Federation, a group of young ones attempted to introduce technology into their society. As a result, their government attempted to crack down on what they called the Techrats. Several individuals and their families agreed transport on Terran Federation freighters to escape their society.

Following the Draconian War, the Elohsian homeworld was annexed by the Liposhen Union.

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