Dominant Race: Human (colonized)
Affiliation: Terran Federation
Star: Zul-Kifl
Star System: Zul-Kifl system
Sector: Syria Sector

Ezekiel is a Terran Federation colony world.

The planet is located in the Syria Sector on the border with the Nihydron Star Republic. This location led to Ezekiel becoming a trade colony between the Terran Federation and the Nihydron Star Republic. Over the years, Ezekiel has played host to a high population of Nihydron and Human colonists.

Following the Destruction of Nihydro II, the colonial economy suffered greatly from the chaos in Nihydron space and the influx of Nihydron refugees. The planet became the site of a conference between the most powerful Nihydron colonies. Following the establishment of New Nihydro as the new capital, the Ezekiel colonial economy slowly began to recover.

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