Life-form Type: humanoid
Homeworld: Jahard

The Jahardins are a humanoid species native to the planet Jahard.

In their religion, they believe in deities known as the Prophets and study the Book of Amojan, the sacred text of their religion. Several colonies such as Antos' Landing, Valo II, Valo III, Golana, Jeraddo and Dreon VII were established by the Jahardins.

During the Tzenkethi War, the Jahardin homeworld was invaded and conquered by the Tzenkethi. Millions of Jahardins managed to escape and settled in Terran Federation space. Following the Liberation of Jahard, a few colonies attempted to secede from Jahard, leading to the Separatist Crisis and the colonies of Jeraddo and Golana establishing their own separate governments.

During the Gilded Age, a few Jahardin had discovered a section in the Book of Amojan which suggested that the Prophets had no intention to be worship as gods, but teachers to the Jahardin people. This was decried as blasphemy, though embraced by several, including teachers such as Shakaar Edon. Many Jahardins left Jahard for the Terran Federation, seeing it as a beacon of freedom.

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