Life-form Type: Reptilian-humanoid
Homeworld: Zhabar

The Kauld are a reptilian humanoid species native to the planet Zhabar.

Their government is headed by the Shedak, an elected council comprised of represenatives from Zhabar and its colonies.

The Kauld society was male-oriented, though there were no obstacles for women to take part in their society. Their society also has a large middle class, being larger than the upper and lower classes. They were also aggressive, following a "warrior honor" system, which reflects the old human Bushido code. Their primary religions include Thrazda and Chi Maru. Another known Kauld religion is known as Chayar, though few follow it. The Kauld are also known to have good trade relations with the Terran Federation.

They also possess several colonies, including Shambah III, Zagros VII, Drathun II, Drathun IV, Heptharg III, Mokafa and Draxis.

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