Life-form Type: Amphibian-humanoid
Homeworld: Lyrid Prime

The Lyridians are an Amphibian-humanoid species native to the planet Lyrid Prime.

In their society, Lyridian families meet to discuss reproduction contracts dues to women being a rarity in the Lyridian gene pool. Usually, there is no intimacy, as sexual contact is mostly used for reproduction purposes after months of negotiating between family members. They have little religious influence in their society, however, a small group have established their own faith around a central goddess. Another faith in Lyridian society centers around what they refer to as the Wheel of Life, which is a cycle of renewal. Their government is headed by a matriarch known as a Dalatrass and represented through a ruling Council.

Their colonies include Aegohr, Jaëto, Mannovai, Dagnes, Erinle, Gorot II and Rannadril.

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