Seal of the Mawasi Empire
Mawasi Empire
Form of Government: Monarchy
Leader (Title): Emperor
Governing Body: High Council
Homeworld: Mawas
Race(s): Mawasi
Altiri (client race)
Norellan (client race)
Huanni (client race)
Wetraza (client race)
Colonies: Chal
Pheben III (seceded)
Pheben V (seceded)
Ardan IV
Boreth (seceded)
Krios Prime (seceded)
Khitomer (seceded)
Mempa II (seceded)
Mempa III (seceded)
Mempa IV (seceded)
Qu'Vat (seceded)
Maranga IV
N'Vak (seceded)
Altiria (protectorate)
Norell (protectorate)
Huan (protectorate)
Wetraz (protectorate)
Allies: Terran Federation
Nihydron Star Republic

The Mawasi Empire is the official government of the Mawasi species.


The Empire is headed by an Emperor, which in times of peace is largely a ceremonial role.

The real power lies with the High Council, which is headed by a Chancellor.

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