Life-form Type: Avian-humanoid
Homeworld: Pralor III

The Pralor are an avian-humanoid species native to the planet Pralor III.

They are known to have a militaristic and disciplined culture. One of their longest traditions is "Federal Service", in which civilians must serve a maximum of four years in their military to become a citizen and gain the right to vote. Their long known enemies are a race known as the Cravic, who they've gone to war with at least twice. The Pralor government has many trade contracts with the Terran Federation, with many Pralor emigrating with the discovery of no Federal Service.

The government of the Pralor is headed by a Primarch, chosen by citizens of Pralor III and its colonies. Colonies of the Pralor include Aephus, Invictus, Pheiros, Oma Ker, Triginta Petra and Taetrus.

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