Life-form Type: Reptilian-humanoid
Homeworld: Terell Prime (formerly)

The Terellians are a reptile-humanoid species originally native to the planet Terell Prime who currently live on several Terran Federation Colonies, mostly in the Middle Colonies.

By 2275, their homeworld had begun to descend into lifelessness due to rapid industrial expansion. After contact with the Terran Federation, the Senate voted to place a pilgrimage on the planet, allowing groups of Terellians to leave their homeworld. By the 26th century, the Terellians had a large population in Terran Federation space.

One of their oldest religions is a polytheistic faith, with their primary gods being Amonkira, patron of hunters and soldiers; Arashu, goddess of motherhood and protection; and Kalahira, goddess of the Oceans and the Afterlife.

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